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Our little lucky-charm turned 2

Before too much time passes by I wanted to make note of Micah’s 2nd birthday. He turned the big “2” on St.Patty’s day. We had invited a few friends and family over for a party at our house to celebrate. The bouncer and snow-cone machine were a big hit with all the kids, young and old. Since Barney is Mickey’s favorite every decoration either had Barney’s colors or Barney’s picture on it. It turn out great and we had a lot of fun.

Two teeth down, many to go.

This past Tuesday night (4/3) Jonah lost his second tooth on the bottom (middle-right).  It’s official…he’s becoming a big kid now.  The tooth had been wiggly for a while and Auntie Jih tried to help him pull it out on Saturday, but it just wasn’t ready.  When Gma finally pulled it out she said it took no effort.  It’s a good thing she got it out too or he was destined to swallow it while he slept like his big brother did with one of his teeth (eww).  Elijah helped out by placing the tooth under Jonah’s pillow for the tooth-fairy to confiscate.

Little steps

On Tuesday afternoon Micah took his first unsupported steps. Daddy helped him practice and at first he was walking while holding one finger on his hand which turned into him sidestepping and pivoting in circles. Then he worked his way up to letting go and taking one full step and one half step before grabbing onto the ottoman. He has been practicing all week by walking while holding our hands or holding onto the ottoman, letting go for a few seconds, and grabbing on again.

I am not surprised, he is so ready to move on to this next step (no pun intended). He spent the weekend scaling the walls, inching his way down the living room while holding on as he went. Yesterday, I even caught Jonah walking Micah around the living room, he was barely holding onto Jonah’s fingers. It was cute, but kind of scary.

Tonight Mikey can do several steps without help. He is now walking from Daddy to Mommy and he is getting so excited. We can tell he loves feeling so big!

The end of a decade. Goodbye 2010

A lot of things happened in 2010… First of all Micah was born. (Can’t imagine life without our newest little, happy, baby boy.) Elijah started 2nd grade and Jonah started a pre-school speech program. Sadly, the Wilsons moved away (but we will be with them again soon.) Those of us still in Indiana are planning our migration back home, Arizona. For the most part 2010 has been a good year! Ben and I are grateful for all the blessings we have been given this year and we are looking forward to what 2011 has in store for us. I am excited to start in a painting class in January and open that new chapter in my life. Ben is well on his way to having all the certifications and the job he dreams of. And soon we will be back with our family (most of them) and our friends.

Elijah’s 7th birthday

Elijah’s 7th birthday was a month ago today. I have been wanting to add something about his birthday here for quite a while now, but with having a newborn around I am not able to do much more than just keep up with taking care of him and my other two boys. Honestly, I am lucky if I get one thing accomplished or a shower each day (Yes, I said OR, but there are sacrifices a sleep deprived mother of three must take sometimes) Now that Elijah is out of school (his last day of 1st grade was May 19th) this Momma is stretched pretty thin. All three of my boys are very needy, but I am glad that I am needed so much!! * I am trying to type this post with my right hand while rocking Micah on my left arm*

Anyways, back to Elijah’s birthday. Since I am not much of a party planner I threw together a little party for him at Incredible Pizza Company last minute. IPC is a local gathering place that offers food, rides, and arcade games. Since IPC reminds me of Amazing Jakes back in Arizona I knew Elijah would love it. The Party attendees were: Jill, Quaid, and Caleb – Taryn, Rick, and Kendyl – Grandma Delores and Grampa Paul – Grandma Teri and Grandpa John – Ben, Me, Elijah, Jonah, and Micah. To take advantage of having the place more to ourselves we all met at 11 am that Sunday (on his birthday). The party was a big success and everyone had a lot of fun. I mostly sat at the tables and attended to Micah – I barely saw Elijah and Jonah the whole 6 hours we were there. The boys were two busy running around having fun with Taryn and Rick and Kendyl – or Grandpa John – or Grandpa Paul and Grandma Delores – or Jill and Quaid and Ben. Ben snapped a bunch of pictures of the boys riding the go-carts and bumper cars and playing the arcade games. I will get him to post some of the pictures here soon.

I can’t believe Elijah is 7 years old already. Time is really speeding by. It really does seem like yesterday when I was holding my first newborn boy in a little room in Chandler Regional Hospital not knowing how this wonderful new baby would change Ben and my life forever.

Here are some quirky, special, and interesting things I want to always remember about our little man Elijah:

– He is a night-owl. He loves to stay up really, really late (if we let him) and wake up really, really late (again, if we let him). This runs in the family – His Dad and big sister are especially like this too.
– He loves to help me cook and bake. Sometimes he tells me he wants to be a chef when he grows up.
– Despite how much he fights with or gets annoyed with Jonah, he loves him deeply. He is very protective of Jonah especially if he feels like Jonah is getting picked on by someone else or if Jonah gets sick or hurt. It is so sweet to see Elijah take care of his little brother or witness the smile on his face when he comes home from school and hugs Jonah immediately after getting off the school bus.
– He loves the tween shows on the Disney channel. He has probably seen every episode of Zack and Cody, Wizards of Waverly Place, Drake and Josh, and Hanna Montana. He also STILL loves cartoons too. His favorites are Sponge Bob Square pants, and Phineas and Ferb

* I will post more later as Micah is now getting too fussy to let me continue.

Goodbye Kadie Day

On Monday Kadie Day moved away. Kadie was Elijah’s fellow kindergarten, bus, and play buddy. For about a year Kadie, her Grandparents, and her cousins were our neighbors.. A few hours after they left on their road trip backed to Florida to reunite with their family, Elijah was so somber and sad. On a quiet drive to Target Monday afternoon Elijah broke his silence to tell me he really missed Kadie already. In the first picture Elijah and Kadie are trying to smile but you can see Kadie is sad about her last day here. The second picture is all the children enjoying their last jump together.

Goodbye Kadie Day. We will miss you.

Today is a GOOD day!

YAY, Morgan arrived today for a summer visit to Indiana. We are so excited to have her here with us for the next 2 1/2 weeks. We wish she could stay longer, but we will take what we can get! Elijah and Jonah are already following her around like love sick puppies…It’s so cute to see how much they love and missed their big sister.


Who turned 6 today?

Today is our big boy’s 6th birthday.  All week we have been teasing Elijah that we worked it out with the “big guy above” to keep him 5 forever.  To which Elijah replies, “NO, I want to be 6, sorry I can’t help getting big!” —- I don’t know if I am READY for him to be 6.  Time flies by too fast.  It felt like just the other day we were holding him in the hospital as he looked up at us with his big eyes, scared of his new surroundings – but feeling comforted and safe in our arms.

Now I am off to make a big BIRTHDAY breakfast and then on to preparing the cake, food, and set up the party…

Just a side note…the other day a big box arrived from FedEx for Elijah.  He was so excited to get mail addressed to him only.  When he opened the box he realized it was filled with a bunch of individually wrapped birthday presents (in Spiderman wrapping paper)  His excitement could not be contained as he jumped up and down and all around the room.  Initially we told him to wait until his birthday to open them…but that didn’t last.  So over the last few days we have allowed him to open one present per day (which somehow he ends up opening more).  Today he has a few more left to open and he can’t wait!  Thank you Aunt Darcie and Uncle Brian for making our 6 year old smile from ear to ear over and over again!!!

Daddy/Son Day and Spring Break

Quaid, Caleb, Ben, and Elijah are having a Daddies/Sons day at the Indianapolis Children’s Museum today.  Being that they are all big Star Wars fans, they had to go check out the new Star Wars Clone Wars exhibit that just opened up at the museum.  I know they are having so much fun and I cannot wait to hear Elijah tell me all about it and see the pictures I am sure Ben is taking (which I will post later).  This leaves me home enjoying some alone time with Jonah.  Since he is currently taking his afternoon nap, I thought I would take advantage of this quiet time to read my friends’ blogs and update our blog.

This following week Elijah is out of school on Spring break.  We are all looking forward to having some special family time together!   For sure we are going to take the boys to the  Zoo one of the days and maybe a movie outting to see “Monsters vs Aliens” another day.  Future posts with pictures will follow ; )

Jonah is back to his old self!

God has been answering our prayers!  Jonah is back to being a busy 2 year old again!!  He had a follow-up appointment with his Pediatrician last Monday and she said he is looking great.  All of the tests ran during the hospital stay came back good.  And now he is over his cold, cough, and ear infection.  Since he has been on Keppra he has not had another dropping spell or seizure.  Next week we will get him checked for allergies (specifically any food allergies we should be aware of) and in about a month he will have a follow-up appointment with his Neurologist.

We are so happy with how he is doing now and we are very thankful for everyone’s prayers and help during all of this.  With Spring arriving he has been so busy playing outside with his big brother.  As a typical 2 year old, he cannot be contained.  Ben and I are usually exhausted at the end of each day from chasing him and making sure he isn’t climbing things.  Though we would definitely rather have him busy exploring and healthy (and be tired parents), than the alternative!!