All week Jonah has been wiggling his already loose bottom left tooth anticipating when it will fall out and each night going to bed disappointed.  But NOT tonight.  Earlier this evening he was wrestling around on the bed with Micah and was startled by seeing blood on his hand.  At first he was confused but soon realized he lost his tooth — finally.  He thought he had swallowed it, but Daddy’s eagle-eye spotted the little white treasure on our dark chocolate-brown comforter.  Jonah immediately got excited knowing he could put his secured tooth under his pillow for trade with one, Ms. Tooth-fairy tonight.  He ran and placed the tooth (safely secured in a snack-sized ziploc baggy) under his pillow, brushed his teeth, and promptly went to bed – he doesn’t want to do anything to discourage the Tooth fairy from bringing him his first customary earned loot.