On Tuesday afternoon Micah took his first unsupported steps. Daddy helped him practice and at first he was walking while holding one finger on his hand which turned into him sidestepping and pivoting in circles. Then he worked his way up to letting go and taking one full step and one half step before grabbing onto the ottoman. He has been practicing all week by walking while holding our hands or holding onto the ottoman, letting go for a few seconds, and grabbing on again.

I am not surprised, he is so ready to move on to this next step (no pun intended). He spent the weekend scaling the walls, inching his way down the living room while holding on as he went. Yesterday, I even caught Jonah walking Micah around the living room, he was barely holding onto Jonah’s fingers. It was cute, but kind of scary.

Tonight Mikey can do several steps without help. He is now walking from Daddy to Mommy and he is getting so excited. We can tell he loves feeling so big!