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First day of school, first day of school…

Today was Elijah’s first day of 2nd grade. He was so excited last night (although he wouldn’t admit it) he could not fall asleep.

Micah at 4 months

Micah is 4 months old and loving life. He is a happy baby and frequently open-mouth smiles at anyone he catches eyes with. He started talking a lot lately too, forming his lips into what I call “duck” lips, and ranting on saying, “naynaynaynay”. (I think he is talking about his cousin Zaney.) He adores his family especially his big brothers. Elijah has been a great helper with him, so they are forming an extra special bond.

On Saturday July 31st Micah enjoyed his first big people food at his Aunt Jill’s and Uncle Quaid’s house. He scarfed down half a mashed-up banana and did so like he had been eating solid foods for many months. He is a pro now. He has since tried rice cereal alone and rice cereal combined with mashed-up bananas. His favorite is the combo of the two. Pretty soon we will be introducing him to some more delicious fruits and veggies…so stay tuned!!

LASTLY, Elijah got Micah laughing so hard at Walmart. I was holding Micah with one arm on my hip and he was facing out. While we were doing last minute school shopping, Micah started to get a little fussy. I am not sure what Elijah was doing, but I have never heard him laugh that hard before. I wish I would have caught it on video. That laugh makes you smile uncontrollably from ear-to-ear. My face hurt from smiling so hard. I know every Mother knows what I mean.