Today Micah is 3 months old and before I forget I want to make sure I write down some of his new accomplishments and antics.

Micah rolled over for the first time from his belly to his back on Saturday night – May 29th. He was only 10 weeks old and he really seems too young to be doing that already. Since then he is getting better at it and a few days ago when I put him on his belly on our bed I witnessed him pulling up his right leg and knee to push off and crawl/inch-worm his way across the bed about a foot and a half or so. If I put him on his back he likes to arch his back and do a inch-worm motion to move himself that way too. It’s too early for him to be this mobile!! Also, he has been smiling at us for many weeks now, but in the past two weeks he began to chuckle when we really get him happy. He also started to do a shy smile when we play with him. When Ben holds him and I talk to him he gets a huge smile on his face, turns his head and buries his face into Ben’s shoulder, seconds later he lifts his head and slowly looks back to me. He is bashfully flirting with his Momma. He melts my heart every-time he does this. Oh how I love this little boy!