Elijah’s 7th birthday was a month ago today. I have been wanting to add something about his birthday here for quite a while now, but with having a newborn around I am not able to do much more than just keep up with taking care of him and my other two boys. Honestly, I am lucky if I get one thing accomplished or a shower each day (Yes, I said OR, but there are sacrifices a sleep deprived mother of three must take sometimes) Now that Elijah is out of school (his last day of 1st grade was May 19th) this Momma is stretched pretty thin. All three of my boys are very needy, but I am glad that I am needed so much!! * I am trying to type this post with my right hand while rocking Micah on my left arm*

Anyways, back to Elijah’s birthday. Since I am not much of a party planner I threw together a little party for him at Incredible Pizza Company last minute. IPC is a local gathering place that offers food, rides, and arcade games. Since IPC reminds me of Amazing Jakes back in Arizona I knew Elijah would love it. The Party attendees were: Jill, Quaid, and Caleb – Taryn, Rick, and Kendyl – Grandma Delores and Grampa Paul – Grandma Teri and Grandpa John – Ben, Me, Elijah, Jonah, and Micah. To take advantage of having the place more to ourselves we all met at 11 am that Sunday (on his birthday). The party was a big success and everyone had a lot of fun. I mostly sat at the tables and attended to Micah – I barely saw Elijah and Jonah the whole 6 hours we were there. The boys were two busy running around having fun with Taryn and Rick and Kendyl – or Grandpa John – or Grandpa Paul and Grandma Delores – or Jill and Quaid and Ben. Ben snapped a bunch of pictures of the boys riding the go-carts and bumper cars and playing the arcade games. I will get him to post some of the pictures here soon.

I can’t believe Elijah is 7 years old already. Time is really speeding by. It really does seem like yesterday when I was holding my first newborn boy in a little room in Chandler Regional Hospital not knowing how this wonderful new baby would change Ben and my life forever.

Here are some quirky, special, and interesting things I want to always remember about our little man Elijah:

– He is a night-owl. He loves to stay up really, really late (if we let him) and wake up really, really late (again, if we let him). This runs in the family – His Dad and big sister are especially like this too.
– He loves to help me cook and bake. Sometimes he tells me he wants to be a chef when he grows up.
– Despite how much he fights with or gets annoyed with Jonah, he loves him deeply. He is very protective of Jonah especially if he feels like Jonah is getting picked on by someone else or if Jonah gets sick or hurt. It is so sweet to see Elijah take care of his little brother or witness the smile on his face when he comes home from school and hugs Jonah immediately after getting off the school bus.
– He loves the tween shows on the Disney channel. He has probably seen every episode of Zack and Cody, Wizards of Waverly Place, Drake and Josh, and Hanna Montana. He also STILL loves cartoons too. His favorites are Sponge Bob Square pants, and Phineas and Ferb

* I will post more later as Micah is now getting too fussy to let me continue.