On March 17, 2010 (St.Patrick’s Day) at 8:50 pm our little pot of gold finally arrived just two days after my due date. Micah weighed in at a mere 6 lbs 14 ozs and measured 20 ½ long. We’re thinking he must have been too comfortable in there to arrive early, but image how little he would have been if he did.

I will attempt to list the events leading up to and including his birth. ****Warning**** this may be long.

It all started on Tuesday the day before Micah was born and one day past my due date. I had reluctantly waked and worked another long day at work; all throughout wondering why this time I had not gone into labor yet. (Both Elijah and Jonah were born 3 days before their due date, so I was sure I would have had Micah on March 12th). As the day progressed I was growing weary since I had NOT had contractions all day. My frustration was mounting because I was tired (tired of being big, tired of the discomfort, tired of the Braxton hicks, and tired of trying to concentrate on work and daily activities when all I could think about was what would unfold during labor and delivery). Later that afternoon Elijah, Jonah, and I visited Gramma Teri and Grampa John. Around 7 pm at their house, I started having contractions, but I was sure they would not lead to anything since I had been having contractions in the weeks before and they would always eventually fade. Sure enough at around 9 pm when the boys and I were back at home and I just got them tucked in bed, the contractions stopped. In the following hour I went through the motions of washing dishes and making dinner for Ben to have when he got home sometime after 10 pm. A few minutes after 10 pm the contractions started again. I tried to go to bed to get some sleep an hour or so later unsuccessfully – the contractions were strong enough that they could not be ignored and I could not sleep despite how much I tried. Around 3 am I got out of bed and took a bath to help ease my discomfort. Soon after I moved to the living room and had a few snacks and got caught up on some shows I had DVR’d. The contractions were about 7 minutes apart and they were staying pretty regular and were getting stronger. At 6 am I woke Ben and told him the contractions were not going away and I thought we should start getting ready to go to the hospital. Soon after I called Teri and asked her and John to come over to be with the boys . I was sure this was it! I then took another bath (jets on full blast) in hopes of easing some of the pain and when Teri and John arrived I got myself ready and I got my hospital bag ready. All during which my contractions increased from 7 minutes apart to 5 minutes apart to 3 minutes apart.

We arrived at Community South hospital soon after 7 am. The hospital is under construction so we had to park far away from the front entrance. In our trek to the Emergency entrance Ben and I had to stop several times while I had intense contractions. The trip up to the maternity floor was a blur. I was in a wheel chair and I could not talk, the contractions were coming very close together now. All I remember was trying to breathe through them as several nurses in succession asked many, many questions in an effort to speed through the admissions process. Then I was in a hospital bed getting hooked up to IVs, monitoring equipment, and having my blood drawn. Ben was watching this all happen and I could only imagine how he was feeling watching me reel in pain every 2 minutes. When the nurse checked me and said I was only 3 centimeters along I decided I could not go through this labor without an epidural. I cried and begged during each contraction for the Anesthesiologist to “hurry” with the other poor woman in the next room. A couple hours after being admitted into the hospital my relief arrived. The epidural was in and I was relaxed… then we waited.

It took about 12 hours for the labor to progress. Dr. Dunlop broke my water around 5 pm to try to speed up the process and around 7 pm I was pushing. During the pushing process Dr. Dunlop determined Micah was facing the wrong way and that is why the labor was progressing so slowly. During each contraction he tried to move Micah around so that he would face downwards and I could properly deliver him. After 30 or 45 minutes I could see the frustrations on Dr. Dunlop’s face. Later I found out that if he could not move Micah I would have had a cesarean. Dr. Dunlop was trying everything he could to prevent this since he knew I really did not want to have a c-section. As a distraction the two nurses in the room, Ben, and I were talking in great detail about a Mexican food restaurant many of the nursing staff were at that night celebrating St.Patrick’s day and another nurse’s 30th birthday. They told us about how great the food and Margaritas are. Tracy, my labor and delivery nurse, kept promising that she would have her husband bring back some chips, salsa, and queso dip for me once this was all over and the baby was born.

After seeing the frustrated look on Dr. Dunlop’s face I closed my eyes and in between almost falling asleep (I had been up for 36 hours by this time) I said a prayer, asking for the baby to move in the proper position). When I opened my eyes, the expression changed on Dr. Dunlop’s face. He was smiling and he said, “Oh, wow, the baby is in the proper position now”. He then let me “rest” for 30 minutes to let the contractions and the baby do the work for me. Everyone but Ben and I left the room and the lights were dimmed. The next 30 minutes was very surreal. It was so quiet and peaceful. I could feel the contractions now since the epidural was turned off hours before and the numbness was fading. I lay there waiting as I felt the exhaustion take over and felt my body doing what it was meant to do. 30 minutes later the Doctor and nurses came back, the lights came on, and after a few more pushes Micah was born. Dr. Dunlop put my new baby on my chest and I stared at him while Dr. Dunlop assisted Ben with cutting the umbilical cord. The rest of the evening is more of blur to me because I was so tired. I remember the nurses busy at work switching out my bedding, cleaning Micah and taking measurements, washing him, and giving him a few shots.

Sometime in the late hours after the delivery Tracy came back in my room and dropped off the chips, salsa, and queso dip as promised. My Doctor and delivery nurse are truly exceptional people!!