I am 36 weeks today and I am feeling it. I feel real big and real uncomfortable. Sitting for prolong periods of time, trying to get a good night’s sleep, AND putting my socks and shoes on are becoming more difficult (almost impossible). I can hardly believe our new baby boy will be here in just a few weeks. I have been feeling really anxious about being “ready” for him, so Saturday my Mom and I went shopping at Babies “R” Us and picked up a few essentials. I got some long sleeved onesies, pants in the same material as the onesies, sleepers, newborn and size 1/2 diapers, booties, and a new infant carseat. (I am feeling less anxious now, thanks Mom!). I can tell I am nearing his birth, because I am experiencing both exhaustion and the “nesting” urge. For the last week and a half – during the day I feel like I am on the verge of falling asleep and then randomly I will get the strong urge to scrub the house. The energy bursts don’t last very long, but while I have them I have been getting a lot of good cleaning in. I also have the feeling this baby is going to come early. Which I am hoping doesn’t happen!! Mainly because I don’t want to have to brave the blizzardy conditions to get to the hospital or bring him home when it’s this cold outside.

That brings me to my next thought…We have had a loooooong winter. When will it end? I am blaming it on Punxsutawney Phil. I am mad at him. 6 more weeks, really? Since we got back from Arizona on the 7th it won’t stop snowing. It snowed again today and it’s is suppose to snow a few more times in the next few days. Our trampoline is practically touching the ground – weighed down by the layers and layers of old and new snow. Unlike the last 3 winters we have not had enough sunny days to melt the old snow away and according to the forecast, we won’t for a while. I am done with the overcast/gray skies, ice, snow, and feeling trapped at home because the streets are not usually plowed. Three blessings I am praying for- an easy labor/delivery, a healthy baby, and warm weather very soon!