We received confirmation today at my third ultrasound that we are definitely having another boy. I am 32 weeks today and my Doctor wanted to check on the baby’s growth progress. Our newest baby boy is doing well and according to the ultrasound tech’s prediction he is right on track to be about 7 – 7 1/2 lbs when he is born. I have never had an ultrasound this far along – it was a different but good experience. Poor little guy looks so cramped in there! The ultrasound pictures and video never represent clearly what we get to see during the ultrasound, but the tech did manage to capture this gem:

Those lips are identical to Jonah’s when he is stretching his out to give kisses. In many of the pictures I could see the baby’s strong resemblance to both Elijah and Jonah. Just 8 more weeks and we will be able to see and hold our newest, precious, little boy…we can’t wait!!