Today I met with Elijah’s 1st grade teacher for the anticipated Parent/Teacher conference to discuss his progress in school so far. It went very well! I am very proud of our boy! He is doing great in all areas, especially reading and writing. A momma likes to hear all the good things her baby is accomplishing.

I am glad I got to meet with his teacher, because my impression of her has now changed. In the beginning she seemed to be extremely hard on the children. Too hard. Some days Elijah would be very nervous to go to school for fear he was going to get in trouble for not doing or saying things right. Not too long ago he was in tears since he could not find a little apple book he made out of cut paper. He thought he had to return it to class and he was frantic searching the house. We never found the book, so I wrote his teacher a note hoping that would soften his punishment. He never got in trouble…but as any protective parent watching their son crying because he was scared what his teacher would do, I wasn’t sure if I liked his teacher very much.

Mrs. Perry admitted she was harder on the children in the beginning of the school year to establish the “rules”, but I think things are more relaxed now. Turns out she is very sweet and from her comments today, I can tell she is a very caring teacher.