Last week I received positive confirmation via ultrasound that I am indeed pregnant. Our new addition should be arriving in mid-March 2010. I was in my 12th week when the ultrasound pictures shown below were captured. I am now currently in my 13th week and still have not gained the energy I once had and took for granted.

I must admit I have known for several weeks now and both Ben and I were stunned by this completely unexpected “development”. However, there was no denying it after many, many pregnancy tests, bouts of morning sickness, unpredictable moodiness, and complete lack of ability to complete normal daily functions without having to sit down (or lay down) and rest.

Elijah is beyond excited for another baby in the family. He is hoping for a baby sister. So far Jonah is indifferent, but we are sure he is not ready to give up the benefits of still being the “baby”. Though, he does kiss my belly when we ask him where the baby is. In turn he wants us to kiss his belly, because he thinks he has a baby in his belly too. We can’t fault a two year old for not knowing how things really work.