On Monday Elijah goes back to school. I am excited for him to start 1st grade and get back into a daily routine. Routines are good for all of us! His 1st grade teacher will be Mrs. Perry. I have heard really good things about her from my neighbor and from Elijah’s kindergarten teacher Mrs. Young. Although I wished at the end of the last school year Mrs. Young would have been his teacher again, I am happy he will get the opportunity to meet and get to know a new teacher.

The summer really flew by. Our summer started with a wonderful visit from Morgan – continuing with a family trip to San Diego (Sea World and beaches) and Arizona (visiting family and friends) – followed by a 10 day visit from Kenzie, Kaelyn, and Zack. We also spent a lot of late, late nights hanging out with our friends. You cannot beat the great Indiana summer nights of sitting around a fire-pit roasting marshmallows, eating smores, chatting, and occasionally spotting fireflies. The July fireworks (Indiana folk don’t just shoot off fireworks on the 4th; they last the whole month long) were great too.

As summer ends we have many new memories to reflect on and we look forward to the upcoming fall memories we will make.