With a lot of help from my parents I finally got two 4 x 4 “square foot” gardens set up.  It was quite a sight to watch my dad carrying the heavy bags of soil, compost, and peet moss from my car to my backyard. Late Thursday night we mixed the soil, compost, and peet moss together and added the twine to separate the sections of the garden and yesterday afternoon Elijah and Jonah helped me plant all the seeds and pre-started plants.  I am so excited to start seeing our herbs and veggies grow, but I am even more excited to start harvesting our own produce.

(I think I owe my parents some of the first harvests.)

Here is a layout of what we are growing:


Here is a picture of the garden today:


You may have noticed in the bottom right square of one of the gardens there are crumbs of some kind.  I think Jonah thought dumping the tortilla chip crumbs in the garden will help the plants grow.

I will post some pictures later on when things start growing in.