God has been answering our prayers!  Jonah is back to being a busy 2 year old again!!  He had a follow-up appointment with his Pediatrician last Monday and she said he is looking great.  All of the tests ran during the hospital stay came back good.  And now he is over his cold, cough, and ear infection.  Since he has been on Keppra he has not had another dropping spell or seizure.  Next week we will get him checked for allergies (specifically any food allergies we should be aware of) and in about a month he will have a follow-up appointment with his Neurologist.

We are so happy with how he is doing now and we are very thankful for everyone’s prayers and help during all of this.  With Spring arriving he has been so busy playing outside with his big brother.  As a typical 2 year old, he cannot be contained.  Ben and I are usually exhausted at the end of each day from chasing him and making sure he isn’t climbing things.  Though we would definitely rather have him busy exploring and healthy (and be tired parents), than the alternative!!