The old Cliché of ‘Time flies when you’re having fun‘ should really be stated as, ‘Time flies regardless of whether your having fun or not…period!

It’s now going on two years since I moved my family from Arizona all the way across the country to Indianapolis. I won’t bore you with my life’s drudgeries but I will say that this chapter in my life has certainly seen its highs and lows.

When I first got here, I was constantly poised with the question, “Why on earth did you move here?” For the sake of brevity, I normally just responded by stating that I just wanted a change in my life. Actually, there were several reasons why my wife and I decided to leave Arizona; I will discuss these reasons in detail a little bit later on in this post.

From a state to state comparison, I wanted to quickly discuss some of the differences that I’ve come across since I’ve been here. The items that I’m about to discuss are simply my own personal observations of what I’ve either witnessed as strange and/or very disparate between Arizona and Indiana.

Firstly, medical establishments – The metropolitan area of Indianapolis is absolutely peppered with these types of facilities. Every corner stands some type of hospital, medical plaza and/or practitioner’s office. I can’t help but lose count on the sheer number of medical associations throughout this area.

Secondly, cigarettes. Holy shit, I am not lying to you when I say this. Everybody including their dog smokes in this city. When I first moved here, I thought perhaps it was just an amazing coincidence that everywhere I went, people were lightning up. I made a comment one night to my sister (who also lives here with her awesome husband and one child) regarding these peculiar observations of mine. I asked the question, “Is it just me or does everyone here smoke?” I was instantly and bounteously supported in my own thoughts of thinking.

Thirdly, the weather. Okay, I understand that the mid-west weather is probably a little harder to predict than the weather we had back in the Southwest, but, c’mon. The weather forecasts we have here are in a nutshell, unbelievably inaccurate. I’m not talking just a little off, I’m spouting dead wrong. (I’m looking straight at you Mr. Weatherman Brian Wilkes!) I will say this however; the summers here in Indiana, albeit a tad on the humid side at times, are much more enjoyable than the ones back in Phoenix. The winters here are the exact opposite, although, I will add that they aren’t ‘that’ bad! I’ll try and talk more in depth about the winters here in a later post.

Fourthly, (Is that even a word?) Chinese Food. Good God, do we really need to have a Chinese Buffet on every corner? No really, I’m being serious. Why is there so many damn Chinese restaurants here? The funny thing about the whole situation is that most of them are always busy. I guess that pretty much answers my own question, however, I will quickly interject my opinion and state that most of them serve up somewhat questionable grub. There are a few that we frequent from time to time that we’ve determined as ‘acceptable,’ however, the vast majority of these places are pretty shitty.

Lastly, and this is certainly not the fault of the state of Indiana but I sure do miss the hell out of good Mexican food. I guess I always took for granted all the superb hole in the wall hot spots that served up mouthwatering chimmy’s. I’ve visited only a handful of Mexican restaurants here (mostly because they’re a real rarity in Indiana) but they all fail miserably in comparison to what we had back ‘home.’ I’ve convinced myself that if I either want good Mexican food (Jack in the Box and/or In and Out) that I’ll have to make a trip back to Arizona cause it just ain’t happening here.
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